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I set up Clarke Gallery a week after I moved into my apartment in Berlin, October 2008. For two years I hosted a new exhibition about every six weeks in my flat. Art was nestled amongst my personal belongings. Visitors viewed work from the comfort of my Grandma's sofa. Every exhibition found different rooms to occupy. A text was written for each exhibition, and all work was for sale, with at least one work priced at 50 euros, which would sell, to pay back the money invested in the show.

With my partial move to the UK for a job in January 2011, I took the decision to mobilize the gallery. Not to any new fixed space, but to any place - room, gallery, exhibition hall, garden - that seems like a good fit with the current exhibition. WUNDERKAMMER was the first such exhibition, and travelled from Berlin to Eastern Edge in St John's, Newfoundland, Canada and to Franklin Furnace in New York. Next was The Mobility Project, which began at GSL Projekt in Berlin and then was shown at Meter Room, Coventry, with a new artist joining the ranks. After that, BERLIN/BIRMINGHAM/BEYOND took place over 9 months at mac birmingham, then Joint Stock at The Old Joint Stock in Birmingham and finally the multi-venue exhibition FRAME_birmingham.