#Sergina's Stimulatingly Suggestive Song-Stuffed Seminar cum Webinar - Episode 2
at The Photographer's Gallery, London
September 2023

#Sergina's blended learning webinar cum seminar about working and dancing and recruiting for a living. Originally performed at Qwe're London's first ever party in Summer 2021, this new iteration incorporated eggplants, dirty data and a merging of the digital with the physical like no other. Audience members could choose between coming online or onsite, or jumping between the two. Registration was required for monitoring and training purposes. #SongStuffedWebinar

Handsome Boys played by Stephanie Telomere and Orlando Myxx.

at The Photographer's Gallery, London.

#Sergina's Stimulatingly Suggestive Song-Stuffed Seminar cum Webinar was brought to you live from The Photographer's Gallery in London as part of Screen Walks Weekender.

See Instagram livefeed HERE


#Sergina: Elly Clarke
Handsome Boys: Orlando Myxx, Stephanie Tellomere
Stimulatingly Strict Online #Security: Jon Uriate
Stimulatingly Strict #Security On The Door: Vik Winter
Script: Elly Clarke
Questionarirre Questions: Based on a call out from Mamut Art Projects in 2017
Questionairre Multiple choice answers: from #Sergina’s song texts
Dirty Data analysed and assembed in collaboration with Kit Kuksenok

Elly Clarke with
Simon Clark (Network)
Stuart Wood (Turn It Off and Turn Me On / Airdrop)
Sam Ratcliffe (remix I Got My Phone In My Wallet)
Kanchi Wichmann (Waiting for Ice Cream)

Turn it off and Turn Me On video
#Sergina: Elly Clarke, Ken Christiansen, Rebeca Romero
Choreography: Kirsty Davide
Edit: Roux Malherbe, Elly Clarke

Zoom Guests:
Bliss Carmxn
Elly Clarke
Ken Christiansen
Orrow Bell
Pete Jiadong
Peter Stonnell
Primoz Depaz
Rebeca Romero
Roux Malherbe
Josefeen Foxter
Wayne Teixeira Morgan-Williams aka May Kit Reign

Airdrop (I want your data) video (2019):
#Sergina & Camera: Elly Clarke, Vladimir Bjelicic
Edit: Roux Malherbe

Intro Video:
#Sergina embodied by: Elly Clarke, Raul de Nieves, Thomas Doherty, Kate Spence, Liz Rosenfeld
Edited by: Oona Friedrichs, Julian Beyer (2016)

Thanks to:
All #Sergina collaborators & performers going back to 2014
Sam Mercer
Fay Nass