#Sergina's Stimulatingly Sexy Simultaneous Simulation of of Herself cam to The Club and Bedrooms in Places Beginning with B (as well as Online) on March 23rd.

With: Elly Clarke, Liz Rosenfeld, Vladimir Bjelicic and Thomas Doherty
Plus Handsome Boys in Birmingham & Berlin - including NEW HANDSOMES Cathy Wade in Birmingham and Zoe Hough in BERLIN
Taking place Simultaneously at the CLUB and in a Bedroom in Berlin, in a Secret Spot in Birmingham and a Sitting Room in Belgrade.
And live broadcast online via Sergina's YouTube Channel


#Sergina is a multi-bodied, multi-locationable drag queen, who sings songs online and off about trying to love, exist and get laid in a world that is increasingly experienced through screens. In a society that is increasingly narcissistic, #Sergina is everybody’s #selfie, and no one’s. She is up for grabs and she is untouchable. She is an image and she is flawed (and confined) by her flesh/s. She is a self-sculpted c-celeb. Her self is worn (out) on different bodies. She competes with her own image, and usually loses.

On Instagram | On Soundcloud | On YouTube

Costumes by Patricia Muriale. Makeup design by Roseanna Velin

PLEASE NOTE: This performance will be filmed for a student documentary by Oona Friedrichs and Julian Beyer.

And, because of the simultaneous nature of the performance, it will start absolutely on time.


This started out as a student project. While it still is one it became something very dear to our heart. Working with Ser Gina has been such a great experience so far. Getting to know someone who has already done so much and has an opinion on so many topics is an absolute treat and helped us moving out project further than ever expected.

We are very grateful for her collaborating with us. So help us thank her by appearing to her performance at The Club and the essential grand finale of our movie.
Take your friends, lovers, boyfriends and girlfriends. Take your pets and parents, uncles and aunts and make sure you film her and make photos of her. The more you do the happier she'll be.

A big thank you as well to The Club for letting us perform at their lovely venue.

Julian & Oona.