PROXY BODIES: Collaborative Rise Pad
Part of Proxy Bodies at Hamilton MAS, 18-27th September 2021


As a means of coming together when we were all dispersed – in Chicago, New York, in Normandy, in London, in Felixstowe – we met on Rise Pad, a collaborative document, and wrote together, simultaneously on the topic of this exhibition. We did this on 8th September.

An extract of this writing forms the front of the exhibition invitation and is displayed in the exhibition space with a QR code to take visitors directly to this pad, to add their words into the mesh.

We will create new prints every few days to show how this text evolves, written by the exhibiting artists and by the visitors to this space – personal identifies unrecorded and unknown.

You can also access it via this URL:
Or (as vistors to my website!) write directly into the document here: