Tuesday Talk

On Tuesday 25th October I will be talking at Lancaster Arts about mobile phones and data discharge and other utopias of our modern aging. The event takes place on Zoom and is free to attend. Booking link HERE.

Self portrait December 2016 / From the archive

#Sergina's Desperately Delicious Data Delivery
Spill Think Tank, Ipswich, 14th July 2022

Screenshot 2022-05-29 at 15.06.04

Meet #Sergina, a border-straddling, multi-bodied drag queen who uses data gathered from her audiences to create performances about love, lust and loneliness.

Created by artist Elly Clarke and performed by several different people (of all genders), #Sergina and her Handsome “Boys” have performed in venues across the UK, Europe and North America, collecting data from members of the public about their mental wellbeing to use as the basis for this new work

Come prepared for pop songs, participatory activities and Google Forms…

Elly Clarke is an artist based in Felixstowe and London. Their work explores the role of the body in a digital world using video, photography, music, writing, community-based projects and their drag character #Sergina. Elly is a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Booking & more info here: https://www.spillfestival.com/elly-clarke


21ST APRIL - 21ST JUNE 2022: Artists’ Books from Franklin Furnace Archive, 1976-2022
The Library, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NYC.

My book is 'Alternative Funding Strategy (ebay)' from 2005/6.

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Franklin Furnace actively collects, preserves, and presents art in book form published internationally since 1976. The Franklin Furnace Artists’ Books Collection reflects contemporary artist’s experiments with the book form as a provocative medium, as well as their inquiries into the role of books in our culture and the digital age.

Artists’ books have challenged centuries of artistic tradition and have finally begun to be acknowledged as valuable to art history. ??The revolutionary concept of the artists’ book lies in granting artistic status to a commonplace, non-precious, and widely-distributed object through the choices and designations of the artist. Franklin Furnace accepts it at face value when an artist calls their work an artists’ book. The mission of Franklin Furnace’s collection is to promote boundary-breaking bookworks that challenge the entrenched assumptions of what constitutes art.

Curatorial Statement

As a celebration of FF’s 46th Anniversary, this exhibition highlights one artists’ book per year from 1976 to 2022, representing 60 international artists in total. Alongside the work of more traditional artists’ book-makers, and that of interdisciplinary artists whose experiences in performance or mail art influence their publications, “46” also features three new videos demonstrating the interactivity of specific artists’ books, as well as selections from The Anamorphosis Prize, 2015-17, an open competition celebrating the creativity and independent efforts of artists who self publish photo-based books. “46” explores the visual experience of books and “bookness” by highlighting innovations in physical formatting and raising questions about the relationships between the verbal and the visual, between creators and their audiences, mainstream or otherwise. With a desire to democratize and engage the public through inexpensive, wide-reaching formats, artists have made the printed book form into an “alternative space” outside the traditional gallery and museum structure.

To read an artists’ book is to experiment with notions of sequence, repetition, juxtaposition, and duration while allowing for new possibilities within the narratives, mediums, and meanings specific to each book. The works on display in “46” stretch the concept of materiality with their movable parts, specially-constructed containers, and easily-distributed formats including newspapers and pamphlets. Some artists even use forms which preclude turning pages, encouraging the reader to interact with their works in unfamiliar ways, such as flipping, turning, scratching, scrolling, and unfolding.

“46: Artists’ Books from Franklin Furnace Archive, 1976-2022,” the 7th Annual Live at the Library exhibition, is curated by Fang-Yu Liu and Nicole Rosengurt and presented in honor of Michael Katchen, Senior Archivist, Franklin Furnace, in partnership with Pratt Institute Library and support from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

MORE INFO: http://franklinfurnace.org/46-artists-books-exhibition/

On June 7th I am participating in a Panel along with two other aritsts from this exhibition.

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installation invite

Download PDF

Material data from my first collaboration with Andrea Khora is on show in the PhD building at Goldsmiths, University of London 23-27th May 2022. Do come by if you’re in town! An installation by Susuana Amoah is running alongside it. More info follows:

Yeah, I was in this costume a few times! [spoilers.] Do you remember when we met?

A collaboration between Goldsmiths PhD art candidates Elly Clarke and Andrea Khora involving method swapping, (consensual) handing over of agency and (financial) investment in the process.

Fluttering darkness
Intravenous injection
Undulating flesh
Hospital corridor
Blue blanket
+/- 60 more

VQGAN + Clip
DJ Pro
Epson Projector

Habotai Silk
A4 paper
A2 posters

Artist A hands over agency + three images + four key words to Artist B who hands over partial agency to VQGAN + Clip which exports 4000 .png images + one .mp4 moving image file which Artist B hands back to Artist A along with their own .png image folder + .mov + .mp4 files and agency, which Artist A inputs to DJ Pro. There, all media is mixed together over a period of approximately 15 mins to the sounds of Laurie Anderson, Wolfram, Stefflon Don, HVOB, Kraftwerk and others. This is exported as a .mov file from which Artist A takes a series of screenshots that are shared with Artist B. From these, three images are selected for print. Meanwhile Artist B hands over some of the same words given to VQGAN + Clip and more agency to GPT-2 out which the title Yeah, I was in this costume a few times! [spoilers.] Do you remember when we met? was generated.

This installation of images and silks is part of the PhD Art Programme’s Installation series, which artist researchers at Goldsmiths use as an experimental space to test new things out and as a catalyst for conversations around art as research, research as art and materiality / things in real space. This is our first collaboration.

Opening Times:
Tuesday 24th-Friday 27th May, 11-5pm or by request. Dm for info on pv.

43 Lewisham Way, SE14 6QD.
A phone number will be on the door to call for entry.

Installation Photos

Collaboratively made video from which the 3 collaborative prints were made:


PROXY BODIES goes to Chicago!

Proxy Bodies in Chicago  - flyer by Galina Shevchenko

Chicago Art Department

Proxy Bodies 2.0 8th - 30th April 2022

Opening reception: Friday April 8th, 6-10pm.

Artists Talk in person and Virtually Saturday 30th April, at 12:00 noon Chicago time/ 6pm UK. See HERE for more info & Zoom link.

Proxy Bodies is an ongoing collaborative exhibition initiated by UK-based artist and performer Elly Clarke in 2021. Through photography, performance, embroidery, drawing, painting, video and QR codes, Proxy Bodies explores ideas and lived realities of having and keeping a body going in an uber-connected, politically & ecologically unstable world. Since the first iteration of this exhibition in Felixstowe, UK last September, the notion - and reality - of proxy bodies has shifted yet again, due to the Ukraine war and ongoing ecological & humanitarian crises in Europe and beyond…

In Clareese Hill’s photo series Conjuring from the Rhizome, ancestral and critical diasporic knowledges are activated through a ceremony to create spaces of rest, in what Hill calls a ‘post identity portal’. In these ceremonies, the artist conjures up The GUIDE, who is a triadic collaboration of Black knowledges, autoethnographic mining and ambivalence of participation within the academic conventions of research.

Traces of a Performance by Elly Clarke is a screenshot (with accompanying video extract) from a rediscovered recording of a rehearsal for a VJ performance Clarke did as her drag alter ego #Sergina in a former Nunnery in France in 2019. Printed on Habotai silk, the digital screenshot becomes a banner and/or a portable virtual (/real) background for Zoom calls. Meanwhile Airdrop (I want your data) is a seductive call for data for a wellbeing questionnaire, accessed via a QR code.

Galina Shevchenko’s Proxy Bodies/ Madonnas series, created for the 2nd iteration of Proxy Bodies, are an outcry of despair and hope, a visceral visual response to the dehumanising impact of war. Emerging as iPad drawings, the images evolve to become digital embroideries through custom-developed algorithms, channelling the processes of artificial cross-breeding. This work is inspired by Donna Haraway’s Cyborg manifesto, Ukrainian traditional embroidery patterns and Shevchenko’s ongoing research into Renaissance Grotesques.

Bryony Graham had to develop a new relationship to her body and society after becoming disabled through illness with a chronic pain condition. Album (1991/1999) spans the before and after the onset of this - from an album of photos in 1991 to an album with the photos taken out in 1999, leaving only the photo corners. Rub, is an ongoing series of rubbings of pain med blister packs, which for a while were the only thing Graham could do. In her work as an artist and founder of Felixstowe-based project space Hamilton MAS (where the first iteration of Proxy Bodies took place), Graham is interested in finding ways to make invisible support structures both visible and useful, with particular regard for people living with long term health conditions.

Performed in different places around the world over the past five years, Dominique Savitri Bonarjee’s Collapse is a ritual of resistance and surrender, a practice for listening to gravity, time, the weather, the climate, and the movements of an expanded field of aliveness. As part of Proxy Bodies In Felixstowe, Collapse #9 took place on the beach, surprising a Saturday afternoon crowd of families and beer drinkers with a 30 minute slow collapse of the artist,, from standing to lying down on the sand. www.dominiquebb.com

Brought in for this second episode of Proxy Bodies, Chicago based, Ukranian born artist Elena Pach’s paintings muse with subjective tension, employing multitude of fractured fragments of sight, sound, scent, and memories; appearing as deconstructed amalgamation of barely recognizable fairy tale, evoking a sense of timelessness.

And finally, the work of New York & Chicago based artist Maria Dimanshtein dives into intimate existential ponderings that will ring true to most. In her text-based drawings, Dimanshtein brings up for discussion the unwelcome and rejected aspects of the human experience: anxiety, loneliness, heartbreak, disconnectedness. Taken out of the confines of a traditional book and placed onto the gallery wall, poems explode with primeval immediacy.

Episode 2 of Proxy Bodies is curated by Galina Shevchenko, with hands on installation help from Clareese Hill. We are grateful to all who have helped Proxy Bodies (2) arrive at this place - including Elly Clarke’s PhD funders CHASE Doctoral Training Programme, for supporting the origins of this show.

Proxy Bodies 2.0 will also be a fundraising site, joining efforts with the Ukraine TrustChain organisation that helps fund aid and evacuations for Ukrainians in the active war zone. Our small teams go where big international orgs can’t, to provide urgent food, medical supplies, and rides to safety. Artworks featured in the show will become available for sale as wearable art items through the Ukraine TrustChain fundraising ArtMerch initiative, which will launch on April 8.



dirty data delivery screenshot Mixed Bag Exhibition Invite

Mixed Bag is a group exhibition by the PhD Art cohort at Goldsmiths College.
See email sent out about this on 18.2.22 HERE.

Open: Wed 23 - Sat 26 Feb, 12-8pm
Opening event: Wed 23 6-8pm
Location: St James Hatcham Building, 25 St James's, London SE14 6AD
Performance evening: Fri 25th, 6-8pm, no booking required.
Information here: https://padlet.com/mixedbag2022/mixedbagexhibition

Dominique Savitri Bonarjee
Irina Botea Bucan
Elly Clarke with Kit Kuksenok
Morag Colquhoun
Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh
Rowena Harris
Clareese Hill
Marie-Alix Isdahl
Bridget Kennedy
Andrea Khôra
Sophie Sleigh-Johnson
Jessie McLaughlin
Kate Pickering
Katarina Rankovic with Nina Davies

Find our evolving exhibition text here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/mixtape-keep and more about the new work I am making for it in collaboration with artist/research Kit Kuksenokhere.

Image credit: Rising Damp, Sophie-Sleigh Johnson, 2020”


See quarterly newsletter sent 15th December 2021.


Excited to be involved (in collaboration with Clareese Hill) in Transmediale 2022 PhD workshop #RenderingResearch, organised by Aarhus University and the Centre for the Research of the Networked Image at Southbank University.

On 27th Jan from 15-17 Central European Time the group is presenting research extracts via zoom. This, and the whole transmediale symposium is both online & completely free to attend this year!

More info about the Rendering Research Sharing Event is here. Or click on the image.

Transmediale - Rendering Research Workshop 2022






With live collaborative writing sessions on Thursday 16th December at 19:30 and 21:30 CST and open to write into until Saturday 18th December, coinciding with a physical installation.

Writing the Rooms was a collaborative writing session I lead as part of the Down Dwars Delà residency I took part in at Bidston Observatory near Liverpool in August. The idea for this writing together emerged during the course of the week, during which we imagined various hi/stories of the building and its uses over time - namely as a (massive) tool of measurement and observation. Built in 1866, the Observatory facilitated humans and machines to collaborate in meticulous analyses of time, latitude, the stars, and meteorological, tidal and marine data - much of which was used for [extractivist and colonial] methods of 'knowing' the world. We wrote [in] three rooms: The Weather Station at the top of the building; the Dorm Room and the Sub Basement (pictured above.)

From 16th-18th December, an unfolding of ideas generated during this week is being presented at See U in Brussels - and includes a presentation of extracts of these textual encounters in print form, as well as the opportunity to re-write these rooms. There is also an invitation to write new ones together - from See U and from wherever everybody physically finds themselves at this time.

Access and contribute to this writing the rooms heree.

Grateful to all at Constant for the week at Bidston, as well as for the chance to present this project in Brussels.

Screenshot 2021-12-18 at 00.02.25


MIXTAPE / SHUFFLE PLAY: a collaborative text written with Clareese Hill for Open Call - invited by melissandre varin. Click on the image to access the article.



Proxy Bodies Installation Shot - Elly and Galina

Group exhibition I curated as part of my CHASE Doctoral Training Programme supported PhD Placement at Hamilton MAS in Felixstowe. With work by Bryony Graham, Clareese Hill, Dominique Savitri Bonarjee, Elly Clarke, Galina Shevchenko and Loula Yorke.

Opening Event 17th September 6-8pm //// Artist Talk Thursday 23rd September (on Zoom and in person), 6-8pm /// Live sonic response to the show by Loula Yorke: Friday 24th September, 7.30pm /// Live participatory performance of Collapse by Dominique Savitri on the beach closest to Hamilton MAS, Saturday 25th. /// Free entry /// More info to follow. Supported by CHASE DTP as part of my PhD Placement from Goldsmiths. Follow Hamilton MAS on Instagram for updates.

A Film I Never Made / A Gig in Berlin, 76cm x 53cm


Open evening Friday 27th August 6-8pm


Berlin Birmingham 8 May 2011 2248 - detail
Detail of Birmingham / Berlin 8th May 2011 - Hand printed C-Print from 35mm negative from .png screengrab taken during Skype call with Linda Franke. From Conversational Traces, 2008-14.

See text about re visiting this work HERE.



Is My Body Out of Date? - Sexualities Summer School Edition August 2021